Smoking pipe The hut on chicken legs


Product description

Bronze smoking pipe The hut on chicken legs

The pipe could be separated from the main body.

A really interesting and unusual things can’t be bought in stores — things that are made by machines too often are deprived of soul. Performed with the great skill, entirely by hand, our items allocate special attention to details. Each of them tells its own, special story. Sometimes — a fairy-tale, sometimes a bit mysterious, but always beautiful and original.

100% quality, 100% style. The original things made of bronze — a great gift! Choose the item in a style that you like — we’ll do the rest.
Moreover, every item is packed in the branded designer box.
The hut could be separated from the pipe, the roof is opening.

The sizes of the pipe are:

Height ~ 2,5 sm/ 0,98»
Width ~ 1,5 sm/ 0,6»
Length ~ 8 sm/3,3»
Weight — 20,6 g.

Attention! The pipe is made to order within 3-5 days.

В наличии лишь 1

Вес 20.6 g


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