Smoking pipe Barrel


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Smoking pipe Barrel

Bronze smoking pipe with a bowl in the shape of a barrel on wheels. The barrel has an opening lid and spinning wheels, so this is not only a smoking accessory, but also a wonderful souvenir. The mouthpiece is made of copper, it is screwed on. The pipe is working, not decorative, the model is tested by the master.

The sizes of the pipe are:
height ~ 3 sm/ 1,18″
width ~ 2,8 sm/ 1,10″
length ~ 10,5 sm/ 4,13″
Weight — 36,2 g.
Attention! The pipe is made to order within 3-5 days.

The barrel is made by hand (without using computer technology) from bronze according to the author’s sketch.
To make this item, a wax model was cut out by hand. Then, using the lost wax method, bronze parts were cast.
Then the workpiece was mounted, minted, polished and polished. Finally, the barrel was engraved and blackened to get a unique vintage look.

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